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Auxillary Equipment
The contact less Brushmist dampening system incorporates independently variable-speed, motorized, stainless steel dampener fountain rollers, chrome plated dampener vibrator rollers and stainless steel trays with inlet/Outlet. This roller train ensures a uniform water film onto the plate mounted on the plate cylinder.
Spray Dampening  
Spray Dampening Systems is provided in place of Film or brushmist dampening system. It increase efficiency and print quality, reduced start-up waste, and savings in water and ink. shord payback makes the spray dampening system a necessary accessory for news paper presses. The system has patented valves allowing a higher spraying cycle frequency, delivery of precise water volumes, and uniform dampening of the plate cylinder.
The pneumatic on-off control is provided for Ink & Dampening rollers and impression cylinder with the help of Pneumatic cylinders and a gang of solenoid valves. It isolates the rubber parts/rollers from other contact parts when machine is idle. It saves operational time & makes printing unit user friendly and easy to control even from remote location.
The Motorization is provided for running circumference register and side lay register for whole machine along with Motorized compensator on folder for each printing machine. Independent control of each motor is provided on the central control desk for remote operation. Also, it becomes integral part of the system in case auto registration control device is provided with the printing unit.
Auto Registration  
TPH offers an Automatic Registration control system with a proven technology. It is a close loop system equipped with 'intelligent' camera with integrated digital signal processor. It comes with an easy to use touch screen user interface. The major advantage of this system is that it leads to huge savings by reducing wastage considerably which takes place during start up of the press.
Remote Inking  
TPH offers highly efficient remote inking system for its printing units. Each system comprise of 24 segments of the ink fountain, individually driven by its own digitally controlled motor. Individual segments are leak free & move linearly to the ink fountain roller. The ink flow control is done from a centralized computerized console. State-of-the-art software and electronics provide unmatched precision, accuracy and speed in controlling and pre-setting ink fountains. Remote Ink Control System leads to a huge savings in time & money as its background memory provides for setting the next job while the current job is running. Interface capabilities with the CIP3 format can also be provided for ink key present.
Auto Ink Pumping System  
Auto ink pumping system is provided with Ink Pumping & Filter Assembly, Auto Ink Filling Arrangements, Ink piping, Centralized dedicated PLC control for auto ink filling arrangement.
UV Web Drying System  
UV curing in newspaper printing is a relatively new concept but is gaining popularity fast due to several advantages over the conventional gas based heat set system, in that it is cheaper & requires lesser space. TPH can provide a Two Lamp or Four Lamp UV curing system to print high saturation and high gloss colour on LWC newsprint and other semi-commercial substrates. The UV curing system being offered by us features the high intensity deep focus reflector system which guarantees fastest cure. It offers easy-touch operator-friendly keypad control of the UV System. Installed at operator console, it allows press operator to signal start up, adjust output and shut down the UV system.
The stacker is equipped with divert gate for automatic copy ejection, stream aligner with side belts, squeeze roller, mechanical counter, gap former, upper bin unit with patented flipper fingers and turntable with integrated stack compression.
Plate Bender and Punch  
Manual Pneumatic plate bender & plate punch with fine accuracies & user friendly in operation.

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